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  • Year 2 Comprehension

    Year 2 Comprehension. Comprehension sheet word year 2 autumn complete. The imperial state crown reading comprehension year 2.pdf. Year 2 Reading Comprehension Questions Askworksheet from askworksheet.com 1st grade reading comprehension worksheet. Covering a huge range of topics and genres, from topical news stories and biographies to stories and historical texts, these year 2 comprehension worksheets […]

  • Year 3 Worksheets

    Year 3 Worksheets. These year 3 maths worksheets are colourful and child friendly and they aim to be easily accessible to children so that children can work independently on them. Ks2 addition and subtraction worksheets. Year 3 Mental Maths Worksheets from www.math-salamanders.com Download year 3 free worksheets for maths and english. The game is simple, […]

  • Year 6 Algebra Worksheets Pdf

    Year 6 Algebra Worksheets Pdf. Use place value with numbers up to 10 million; Understand how to use exponents (powers) of a number; Addition Worksheets Year 6 Math Worksheets Printable from mathworksheetprintable.com Free algebra worksheets pdf downloads, pre algebra worksheets, algebra worksheets grade 6, algebra worksheets grade 9, algebra worksheets grade 8, 4th grade algebra […]

  • Multiplication Word Problems Year 2

    Multiplication Word Problems Year 2. Read the word problems and answer by writing a repeated addition and a multiplication calculation. Based on a 'castles and knights' theme. Multiplication Year 2 KS1 Multiplying by 2 Word from www.tes.com Some questions ask students to write the multiplication sentence which describes the situation in the problem. Word problems […]

  • Year 9 French Revision Booklet

    Year 9 French Revision Booklet. Drinking water also helps to improve your concentration for revision. Drink plenty of water to keep your brain working when you revise. GCSE FRENCH FOUNDATION Practice Papers AQA exam revision from picclick.co.uk How to use the verb ‘to have’ in french. + pearson active learn studio 2 vert module 5 […]

  • Multiplication Word Problems Year 4

    Multiplication Word Problems Year 4. There are 8 chocolates in a bag, and jose has 6 bags to sell. He decides to plant 7 rows of carrots. 4th Grade Math Word Problems Addition And Subtraction from www.pinterest.com The farmer plants carrots in rows of 9. Some of the worksheets for this concept are multiplication word […]

  • Division Word Problems Year 2

    Division Word Problems Year 2. Two step division word problems a shopkeeper buys 8 crates of pineapples. Division by sharing (word problems 2) name: Year 2 Division word problems Bangkok Patana School from community.patana.ac.th Multiplication and division word problems sticky labels. Year 2 multiplication and division maths mastery challenge cards. Add & subtract numbers < […]

  • Printable Activities For 4 Year Olds

    Printable Activities For 4 Year Olds. Reading books or doing reading activities for 4 year olds. Free printables for 4 year olds number k5 worksheets. 4 Year Old Worksheets Numbers To Color Preschool from www.pinterest.com Making a fort out of blankets. Reading books or doing reading activities for 4 year olds. This time we will […]

  • Year 6 Maths Worksheets With Answers

    Year 6 Maths Worksheets With Answers. Extend their knowlege of multiplication to decimals; Year 6 maths worksheets for improving mental maths, arithmetic and fluency: Mental Maths Tests Year 6 Worksheets from www.math-salamanders.com Extend their knowlege of multiplication to decimals; No year level displayed at the top of the sheet to use for differentiation. My children […]

  • Year 7 Worksheets Free Printable

    Year 7 Worksheets Free Printable. Free math worksheets for grade 7. Grammar 7 past present and future worksheet. √ 26 Year 7 English Worksheets Accounting Invoice from www.pinterest.com If you need to help your child in other subjects, we also have year 7 science worksheets and year 7 maths worksheets to help your child improve […]