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  • Multiplication Word Problems Year 2

    Multiplication Word Problems Year 2. Read the word problems and answer by writing a repeated addition and a multiplication calculation. Based on a 'castles and knights' theme. Multiplication Year 2 KS1 Multiplying by 2 Word from www.tes.com Some questions ask students to write the multiplication sentence which describes the situation in the problem. Word problems […]

  • Multiplication Word Problems Year 4

    Multiplication Word Problems Year 4. There are 8 chocolates in a bag, and jose has 6 bags to sell. He decides to plant 7 rows of carrots. 4th Grade Math Word Problems Addition And Subtraction from www.pinterest.com The farmer plants carrots in rows of 9. Some of the worksheets for this concept are multiplication word […]

  • Ratio Word Problems Worksheets

    Ratio Word Problems Worksheets. If there are 473 potatoes, how many turnips are there? Help your students develop their ratio reasoning and their understanding of equivalent ratios as. 6th Grade Math Ratios And Proportions Worksheets from worksheets.myify.net Live worksheets> english> math> ratios> ratio word problems. What is the ratio of males to all club members? […]

  • Word Scramble Worksheet

    Word Scramble Worksheet. What does this scrambler do? Unscrambling the letters is not only fun, but it may improve your children's spelling skills. Free Word Scrambles Worksheets Activity Shelter from www.activityshelter.com These word scramble worksheets feature words to unscramble and a picture to color. Teachers and parents can create their own word scramble worksheets in […]

  • Maths Word Problems Year 5

    Maths Word Problems Year 5. Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers. Division of numbers with fractional answers. Money word problems addition with subtraction Fraction from urbrainy.com Word problems require students to apply some logical reasoning while solving problems. Some questions in the mid primary section could be used with younger students as an oral problem […]

  • Halloween Word Search Printable

    Halloween Word Search Printable. As for halloween, they could come up with halloween word search pages for games to play at home with their friends during school break too. Nope, you won’t find simple words like “witch” and “ghost.”. Free Printable Halloween Word Searches Printabulls from www.printabulls.com Just to make it that much harder! This […]