Potential Resources Examples

Potential Resources Examples. Installing solar power and wind power station in rajasthan and gujarat is another example of a potential resource. For example, petroleum may exist in many parts of india, having sedimentary rocks but until the time it is actually drilled out and put into use,.

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You apply a voltage to Potential resources are the resources which are currently not fully utilised. Instead of importing these resources from other countries, we must try to implement the foreign technology and advanced skill available from our home country.

What Is Potential Resources Give Example?

Instead of focusing on its results, it highlights the tools and internal opportunities a company could use for maximizing its outcome. Green leaves before the sun shines on them (potential photosynthesis) gasoline before it is ignited; The entire quantity of a potential resource may not be known.

The Wick In A Candle;

Fruit juice before it ferments; (a) they are found in a region. (b) they have not been utilized or developed.

Some Of The Potential Resources Existent In India Include:

Until it is removed from these rocks and used, it remains a potential resource. # the water falls and rivers in africa continent where huge amount of electricity can be generated. For example, of potential resources are:

You Apply A Voltage To

Reserves are the resources which have been identified and are entirely reserved for present and future use. An actual resource might have been a potential resource in the past. Public expenditure reforms underway also stand to release potential resources.

It May End Up In The Future.

The actual quantity of an actual resource is known. Available technology is used to use these resources. Though we are using it, we can use these even more in the future once we understand their true potential.

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